April 28 to 30, 2019
Vancouver, Canada

Here’s why The Power of Coaching LIVE
is the event you’ve been waiting for.

Hint: Our previous attendees, including Wealthy Thought Leader alumni (hi there!) will vouch – once you attend one of our events, chances are you’ll want to be back. Our repeat attendance rates are super high – that’s how we know we’re doing something right.


Market intelligence. What’s going on out in the world, really? What’s working, what’s not? You need data that’s current and stories from real people in the trenches, not outdated programs created years ago. We keep it real at Power of Coaching.


Inclusivity. We’re devoted to making sense of a diverse world. Being active about our blind spots. Come walk a mile in another person’s shoes and understand things differently. You know. So you can do differently.


Questions and leadership. In a world where you can get answers to everything by asking Google, the prize goes to the best questions! At Power of Coaching, expect to be provoked.


Money + Living Well. Earning plenty, spending less, increasing profits, not selling what you hate or are ashamed of (really!), and new paths to cash… we want to equip you to create results. If that’s not interesting to you, no need to come, okay? 🙂


Chosen Family. When you’re a leader trying to change your corner of the world, your people environment matters a lot. We are smart, conscious friends who like to laugh and play hard, so be prepared for a whole lot of fun.


Trends. New paradigm thinking. Next generation income streams, technology and how you can apply these to your projects. Before other people. (Enough said.)


The Dark Side. Hey, what happens when you make mistakes? What income streams and business concepts are broken and you may as well know up front? At Power of Coaching, we’re not scared of the dark.


Toys, Analogies + other Mind Candy. If you’ve seen photos of previous events hosted by Andrea, it’s true. Things like play-doh, pipe cleaners, and sometimes moustaches and clown noses get in on the learning. The very serious and productive learning.

Bonus – just one more thing: Transparency.

Here’s the thing. We know there’s a good chance you’ve been to other events and you may be
wondering, “is it going to be like THAT” whatever THAT means to you e.g. hard selling, a pitch-a-thon, energetically draining, or other. Well, when you come to the Power of Coaching, what we promise is we don’t have any secret agendas. Our aim is to deliver an outstanding event experience, period.

Do we hope you’ll get so much value at the event that you’ll be interested in sticking around and continuing to learn together? Definitely! But we’ll be sharing about how you can do that in a respectful, low-key, and optional way in a special session we’ll tell you about in advance. That’s what we mean by transparency – no ‘gotchas.’

Just another way Power of Coaching LIVE has your back.

A Quick Reminder: The Power of Coaching Mission includes the following goals:

  • To elevate the craft and purpose of coaching
  • To expand the conversation about excellence in online spaces
  • To inject innovation and possibility into our lives as leaders
  • To reset the reputation of coaching, and
  • To combat isolation and the ‘ivory tower’ syndrome with collective action

Who Power of Coaching is NOT suited for:

  • If you are attached to one way of doing things as the only answer, or prefer to stick with a  formulaic way of building your business, our emphasis on creativity, innovation, and experimentation is likely to be quite annoying.
  • If you have more than a decent-sized ego, you may find our way of including the voices of as  many participants as possible potentially grating (egos are fine, just useful medium-sized ones,  not as much really big, or inflated ones.)
  • If you are a very strong perfectionist, you may find some of how we organize ourselves less than pleasing (we’re not chaotic, just not rigid.)
  • If you are after very specific how-to steps that you hope will never change, another event will probably be a much better fit for you.

A note re the above list of who’s likely not suited to attend: there is one exception. That is, if you’re hoping to break out of being in the formulaic, ego-centric, type-A mindset, and get a reset towards another way of being? If THAT’s the case, you might find Power of Coaching to be exactly what you’re looking for, actually.

In short, the culture of Power of Coaching is less cruise ship, more comfortable campfire, less downtown condominium, more co-op housing; less enforced curriculum, more Maker-faire, less 5-star white glove dining, more farm-to-table; less Hollywood Premiere, more independent film festival. Less cult, more collective. Less classical, more jazz, with a teaspoon of rock and roll.

Does that help paint the picture?

If you yearn to feel more confident that you have value in the world right now, to communicate with strength even when things are risky, and maybe fall a little bit more in love with what you do…
Power of Coaching LIVE is for you.

Join us and let’s explore making
the impossible possible, together.

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“The level of safety and intimacy Andrea created – transcended anything I’ve experienced in a large group format.

Nurturing and inspiring, with just the right touch of challenge.”

— Lyn Allen,

“I have to tell you, Andrea J. Lee is one of the most impactful speakers I have ever experienced.

She’s truly one of a kind. She has an authentic, caring style. Andrea J. Lee is someone you have got to hear. I promise you, your life will be changed.”

— Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever,
Founder of the Exceptional Leadership

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