April 28 to 30, 2019
Vancouver, Canada

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No matter who you are, you have choices for how you spend your time. You decide where you invest your money, and who you associate with. Because of that, we consider your registration a decision to trust us, and we take that very seriously. (Okay it’s not a life or death situation, but because it’s about fulfilling our promises to you, we take it to heart.)

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The Power of Coaching LIVE: Making the Impossible Possible, Together

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All tickets include 3 days of learning, training and hands-on experience, plus evening activities.



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*Payment plan surcharges are approximately 5% to cover processing and administrative fees.

Previous clients of Wealthy Thought Leader are eligible for a one-time alumni discount of $100, a small thank you for being your awesome self. Before you register, please take a sec to write info@andreajlee.com for the coupon code. P.S. We’re thrilled you’re coming!!

You may have heard about the Power of Coaching Live – Accessibility Initiative: As part of our commitment to support individuals interested in attending our event, but who are currently of limited financial means, we have a designated number of accessible tickets available. Click here for more information.

Additional Information:

Due to the experiential nature of the program, we will NOT be offering a simultaneous at-home video version – a livestream – of this event

“Working with Andrea has changed how I think and how I see the world. She shakes things up, she’s dynamic, great with storytelling and memorable analogies. And, she’s focused on teaching you to think for yourself.

Andrea is a unique speaker that will wow an audience and keep them thinking for long after she’s left the stage.”

– Jeremie Miller, Director of Operations,
Indrani’s Light Foundation

“Every once in a while a speaker comes to you who pierces right to the heart of the issue you struggle to solve. Andrea’s knack for promoting messages that are difficult and necessary in a kind and loving way is a gift that I’ve never experienced in a coach before.
Her ability to gently guide her listeners…leads me to the conclusion that she is one of the very best thought leaders in our global community.”

-Jenean Perelstein, Workplace Culture Expert,
Alchemie Academy

“Andrea makes you feel her message not just hear it. The audience engages and the result is something special.”

-David Wells Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Faculty,
Strayer University

You are invited to an experience with a difference in Vancouver, Canada
The Power of Coaching LIVE in Spring of 2019.

Your Energy is Precious so we’ve made the Planning Easy

Our dates:

Sunday - Tuesday
April 28 to 30, 2019
Vancouver, Canada

Nearest Airport:

Vancouver YVR

Main Event:

This is an independent Boutique Hotel on the Fraser River with views of the mountains and water, and a life-sized chess board, whiskey bar and outlet shopping nearby! A free shuttle service is available from YVR to the hotel.

The Power of Coaching’s special hotel rates:

CDN $159/night + taxes

(This is approximately CDN $100 savings per night off retail rate, and the equivalent of $125 USD per night at the time of this writing.)

Double occupancy available, roommate connections will be encouraged and supported. Reservation info will be provided upon registration.

The Power of Coaching Live Event is now part of History!

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