Multiple Streams of Coaching Income:
What’s Working, What’s Not and What’s Next

You are invited to a very special, complimentary, Community Coaching Call with your host and coach, Andrea J. Lee:

Sixteen years ago, in 2003, the book Multiple Streams of Coaching Income was published, and the profession has not looked back. Having gone far beyond the 1-on-1 coaching model, coaching now comes in every format under the sun.

But what’s happened the last 16 years has landed us in a new conundrum. Uncounted tens of millions of dollars have been earned and paid in the name of coaching, some of which has worked.

Coaching is a force for good that has fulfilled a great potential in humanity – one we continue to crave. Just as our need for excellent communication is critical, we need coaching to continue to evolve.

But what is there to evolve to, you ask?

Join this open-house, community-driven call for a dialog about what’s worked, what’s not working, and possibilities for what is next, on both mindset and practical, hands on levels.

Note: if you’ve been feeling disheartened about the ‘state’ of coaching, you aren’t alone. You will receive a quick email after registration so you can sound off on your point of view, and you will have a chance to share on the call itself, via our chat feature. Your voice matters!

Due to the experiential nature of this call, we recommend you attend live in a place where you can see your screen as well as hear. We will have time for hot seats so if you have questions about your income streams, bring them.

Yes, this is a tiny sample of the richness and goodness that we are cooking ahead of the April in person gathering in Vancouver, called the Power of Coaching LIVE.

If you’re already coming, wonderful. If not, come soak up this virtual goodness instead. There will be no hard sell. Check out the website at your leisure before, or after, if you wish.

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The call will take place on March 12th @ 11:00am Pacific Time.
It’s on Zoom (audio or video is fine.)

A little more about your host

In case you don’t know me, I’ve been coaching business owners for 18 years. The greatest successes are when the business owner’s values are integrated into the business, because that’s when sustainable growth happens! I’m a big proponent of earning money to do the good things in life, but not at the expense of selling your soul. That’s why I pick the teaching topics I do.

As a teacher, you’ll find me serious about delivering content that is fresh and useful. But I’m also a fun-loving instructor who believes that laughing as we learn is important. One of my strengths is innovation, and it shows up in my teaching. No matter what call you take with me, you’ll get information, inspiration, integration and implementation.

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“Andrea is thought provoking, stimulating and creative. Highly recommended.”

— Glen Wagner, Speaker

“Andrea’s teleseminars are packed with useful information, key contacts with persons of influence, and inspiration that take you to the next level.

Andrea conveys warmth with business savvy, insight with vision for the future.”

— Dr. Lisa Van Allen, Author, Speaker, Business Coach

“Andrea is a breath of fresh air- brilliant, caring and raising the questions that need to be raised.”

— Katie Curtin, Breakthrough Coach