April 28 to 30, 2019
Vancouver, Canada






Enough with the outdated skills and context, stuck clients and hurting heart…
you want fresh ideas, tools that work, friendships and flow, and that’s what you’ll get at The Power of Coaching LIVE.

Together, we’ll sort out how to meet the challenges you and your clients face.
Because what we’re seeing in the world right now is profound upheaval, and for that, you need radical action.

Things have been feeling impossible for lots of reasons lately, not just for our clients, but for all of us who want to be useful and of service in the world. Have you noticed the challenges we’re dealing with have shifted? That even the language we use to describe ourselves – like gender and identity – has evolved? Keeping up with – and staying ahead of – clients is taking a lot of energy. Really, what we’re doing is questioning what we’ve been doing for years.

How do we think, work, live, and love in the new normal?? Can we be part of creating the new normal?

The answer is simple: YES, we can create the world we dream of. To do that, we need deeper conversations. Sincere
dialogue that doesn’t flinch, or wince, when the tough stuff comes up. We need problem-solving that calls on everything in our community: intelligence, sensitivity, strength and commitment.

Guess what? It’s no accident. That’s what we’re creating at
The Power of Coaching LIVE.

We will enjoy 3 Days of Learning, Discussion, Practice & Connection

Right off the bat, let’s address the elephant in the room: you may be used to events that focus on one very specific topic or outcome. Events like that are usually very linear. This event is not that! Instead, it’s designed to bring out the best in you (all of you), and to honor the synergy of the group. Translation: The Power of Coaching LIVE has no agenda around implanting one way of thinking into your brain.

What this means is that the themes we’ve chosen may not feel linear — heck, they may not even seem related — yet each is there for a reason. What’s certain is that being at The Power of Coaching will result in new thoughts, new understandings, new skills, and new energy that increase your relationship with your power. Every major section of our program will involve discussion and mastermind so your specific questions are heard and addressed. No long days of being lectured at by gurus-from-the-stage! In place of that,
you’ll get hands-on practice and facilitation.

From “How To” steps and strategic thinking to edgy ideas, original content and unique panels,
it’s all here to support you in creating a powerful future.

You can think of the event as having three major themes:



How to disagree and be emotionally
resilient in tough conversations

Creating offerings that work, based on the latest behaviour change science

Going deeper with clients to move them past new, different stuck points

Hands-on tools for reducing conflict and miscommunication


Everyday Violence – harassment and online take-downs, bullying in real life, and high-pressure sales (yep, we said it)

Mental Health – with anxiety, gaslighting and trauma everywhere, get clear you’re not accidentally harming clients

Gender and Race Inequality – you’re a good person! How can you live that, fully?

Political structures – what’s disintegrating and can you help change it? Hint: the answer is yes.


New thinking about marketing and
business implementation (yes please)

How to price things well, and fairly, with options to be inclusive yet profitable

Getting your message out when it’s ahead of its time

And of course, exercises to let go of the things that aren’t working,
while having some good clean fun along the way.

When we step into our power, we create the better,
more beautiful world we know is possible.

It’s so important for each of us to step fully into our power right now, wouldn’t you agree?
The Power of Coaching LIVE is for you if you call yourself a coach, or, if you’re not a coach,
but you’re interested in taking a coaching approach towards life and work.

  • Find new ways to grow as an entrepreneur, or corporate/non-profit leader, because the things you’ve relied on are broken, or misaligned
  • Make a deeper, measurable impact (enough Groundhog Day, going around in circles)
  • Be the best friend/colleague/parent/spouse/child you can be, and/or…
  • Cultivate wellness so you have energy to play the long game AND enjoy this thing called being human!

Put simply, we’re all dealing with a lot, and we can go farther when we come together and share our strengths. As smart people who use coaching in our work, we’re uniquely positioned to make a difference, if we so choose. Lucky us!

You are invited to an experience with a difference in Vancouver, Canada
The Power of Coaching LIVE in Spring of 2019.

Your Energy is Precious so we’ve made the Planning Easy

Our dates:

Sunday - Tuesday
April 28 to 30, 2019
Vancouver, Canada

Nearest Airport:

Vancouver YVR

Main Event:

This is an independent Boutique Hotel on the Fraser River with views of the mountains and water, and a life-sized chess board, whiskey bar and outlet shopping nearby! A free shuttle service is available from YVR to the hotel.

The Power of Coaching’s special hotel rates:

CDN $159/night + taxes

(This is approximately CDN $100 savings per night off retail rate, and the equivalent of $125 USD per night at the time of this writing.)

Double occupancy available, roommate connections will be encouraged and supported. Reservation info will be provided upon registration.

Note: There will also be an Event
within the Event, because it is Sekkaku

In Japanese, there is a word that has no English equivalent: “sekkaku.” Loosely translated, it means, a special moment in time, a rare chance to do something, perhaps close to ‘sucking the marrow out of life.” So, because the The Power of Coaching gathering will most definitely be sekkaku, we have entertaining and provocative big-idea activities planned each evening.

What is the Investment for the 3 days?

We’re so glad you asked. The most favourable registration rate is available for people who register by March 25, 2019, click below for more details.

The Power of Coaching Live Event is now part of History!

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